Sunset Serenade

” This poem was written after visiting the Victoria Falls as a teenager of fourteen years old.  The glorious sunset inspired me. My hormones were in full swing so needed an outlet for my feelings.”

(On the Banks of the Zambesi)

The leaves rustled as a gentle breeze blew,
A lone girl stood on the bank of the river,
she stood silent, a tear on her cheek like dew.
If you looked close you could see her lips quiver
As she thought of the one she had lost.
The air it was still and calm, a deathly hush:
The evening sky was red with gold embossed,
Reflected in the river, it looked so lush.
The silent girl thinking of her one so dear
Stood silhouetted against the evening sky.
It was getting dark but she had no fear
She thought ‘Why did my true love have to die?’
She turned to go to her lonely old home
But paused as if to say something to her love
and saw the lilies all covered in foam.
Her heart was contented like a turtle dove
Then she sighed as if she knew she was blest,
And with gladdened heart returned with a sad smile.
No longer alone, that night she went to rest
Now they both walk along the ‘Heavenly Mile.’

Deryn Smith 1960



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