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This poem was written the year after I left school, I was obviously torn between two boyfriends at the time, but cannot remember who they were. They must have engendered sufficient passion for me to have worked it out in poetry! (Not particularly good poetry at that!)


Wild are the mountains
Wild is the sea
but my soul remains calm
as calm as the heaven of blue
But lo!
The thunder and lightning splits the sky
like my soul now in torment
Divided, between two loves.

How beautiful, how cruel
My tormented soul is torn in conflict.
Who will aid this shipwrecked soul
A hand to help ashore?
No help – but calm
collect the driftwood
Re-build this life,
For what?

To be shattered again by the waves of love.

With the mast set
we’ll sail ahead to a better land afar.
Be content with the love you have
or you will sail into an iceberg.

D E Smith 1963





Artist, Writer and Explorer of the World

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