Millenium Poem

I thought it might be appropriate at the beginning of this year to re-visit a poem I wrote on the eve of the turn of the century when I reflected on what had gone before and what was to come and the meaning of life. The Millenium was seen in by a wonderful family gathering at ‘Spier’ Wine Farm in the Western Cape, South Africa, when family from all over the world gathered together to celebrate this momentous event. Some family members have passed on since that day and some have been born and so the cycle of life continues.


The years have come, the years have gone
Love has blossomed, withered and died
Love re-born, the spirit new inside,
Youth and passion have burnt out
But the flame of faith burns on
Eternal hope, eternal love, part of the whole
Meaning of existence imprinted on my soul.

Life is a journey to be lived
Not for self, but to be a light
For travellers in the way at night
Youth and passion rule today
My spark of faith to light their flame
That through the years will guide their soul
To eternal love and hope made whole.

©Deryn van der Tang
31st December 1999
Revised 5th January 2017


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