Flights of Love

These few verses of poetry were written at different times, expressing my feelings as I navigated stormy seas in my life. Not particularly good poetry though.


The harbour lights were twinkling
like the twinkle in your eyes
The twinkle soon responded to
An answering spark in mine.
The sparkle of a new love soon turned into a flame
And so the fire smouldered until
We were passionately consumed.
and with the consummation
Will our love turn into ashes
Or will the glow remain?

My kiss inscribed on golden sands
On carpet of foam and crest of wave rides
To meet you on another shore
And our love waits as the time it bides
Until apart we will be no more.

Through the miles and space between us
Through the scorching Lowveld heat
Through the smoking city air
My thoughts wing their way to you
To the shelter of your heart they fly.

Cherished are the moments we have shared
The joys, the pains, the cares
To share with you my dearest
The heights of happiness, the depths of despair
Not for a moment could my heart desist.

©Dvd Tang 2017


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